Six Board Appreciation Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

Board members are vital to the success of any nonprofit organization. They oversee of campaigns and initiatives, approve them and play a crucial role in fundraising – typically as regular donors themselves. When it comes to recognizing the value of their contributions throughout the day it’s crucial to show them how much value them and their efforts. To assist you in that here are six innovative and creative ways to say thank you to your board members.

A personalized card is a stylish method of expressing your appreciation. You can personalize it with a thoughtful note that speaks to the involvement of your board member. To add a special touch, include a small gift to let your board member know that they’re valued.

An impact video is an innovative way to highlight your board’s work. You can also feature beneficiaries or community members to explain how your board has helped improve lives. Be sure to highlight your board members in the video by highlighting them throughout.

Create an appreciation board to recognize small acts of kindness, such as helping a colleague out in a project or spreading positivity in the workplace. This is the perfect way to show everyone that everyone matters and also help to create a more supportive and positive workplace culture.

If your board members are celebrating their birthdays, remember them by awarding them an award. You can also give them an incentive to retire to ensure they begin their next chapter in positive, enthusiastic mindset.

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